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Bundle Kyson Pro + Zeus Digital Lock

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Please note that due to high purchase of installation, installation might be 2-6 weeks based on availability
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Kyson + Zansan Promotion

5 in 1 access:

  • 3D Facial Recognition For Door
  • Fingerprint
  • RFID card
  • PIN code
  • Mechanical key

5 in 1 access + Gate Digital Lock Total Worth $1099 (usual price).

The Kyson PRO offers a comprehensive solution for convenient and efficient clothes drying, integrating several innovative features to enhance the drying experience:


      • Wireless Remote Control: manage the systems from a distance without physical contact, using a wireless remote
      • Load Bearing Capacity: Capable of bearing loads of up to 35kg, ensuring stability and durability for different applications
      • Built-in LED Light (24w): Enjoy the convenience of a built-in LED light with a power output of 24w, providing illumination for various tasks.
      • Dual Fan Blower: Utilises a dual fan blower system for efficient drying, optimising airflow to expedite the drying process effectively
      • One Touch Lifting: Easily adjust the device's height with the one-touch lifting feature, adding to its user-friendly design.
      • Automatic Stop on Obstacle Detection: Automatically stopping the drying process if it detects an obstacle or obstruction
      • Dual Heater: The dual heater aids in drying clothes more efficiently
      • UV Light: disinfecting surfaces, water, and air by killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
      • Mobile App Control: Easily control your device using your smartphone.


      Dimensions and Specifications

      Ceiling unit dimensions

      • 1200mm x 370mm x 80mm
      • 1600mm x 370mm x 80mm

      Adjustable Rack

      • 1200mm to 2200mm
      • 1600mm to 2600mm 

      Drop Down Height

      • 1300mm

        Usual price $2098

        Now, get the total digital lock and Kyson Pro for only $1099!


        I have an existing rack, can you assist on dismantling?

        Yes! We provide dismantling at no additional cost when you purchase any system from us.

        What is covered in your complimentary delivery and standard installation service?

        Our free delivery and standard installation service encompass the delivery and installation of our automated laundry rack to a single address, including dismantling of the existing rack. Please be aware that this offer is valid only for concrete ceilings with a lighting point. An extra fee of $150 is applicable for installation on false ceilings, and an additional $30 is required for high ceilings.

        Any supplementary socket installation or wire pulling will incur a charge of $80.

        Does Kyson Smart Drying Rack consume a lot of electricity?

        No, It doesn’t! Monthly bill will not increase more than $8 a month. It is designed to be more efficient than conventional manual system.

        Which size should I go with?

        It depends on if you have more than space. BTO/HDB/CONDO/LANDED usually go for 1.3M as it is extendable till 2.2M. You can go for 1.6M if you have more than 1.8M or more allowance. 2.6M is extendable till 2.6M

        Is 24W LED light sufficient to light our yard?

        It depends on the area, we have customers who chose to keep their ceiling light and prepare another point for Kyson laundry system

        What is the lowest Kyson system can be lowered?

        It can be lowered to 1.3m that suits most household laundry area.

        Does the price includes installation?

        Yes price are inclusive of standard installation and delivery. If Ceiling is above 2.8m it have an additional charges of $50. False Ceiling charges are $150. Additional electricity point $80.

        What is the difference between Kyson Pro and Kyson Expert?

        Kyson Pro is equipped with Dual Heater, Twin Turbo Blower, UV Sterilization, Single Arm scissor which can hold up to 35Kg, Auto Lifting, Auto stop if it hits an object and remote control.

        Kyson Expert are equipped with Dual Heater, Twin Turbo Blower, UV Sterilization, Ionizer, Voice Command, Double Armed scissor can hold up to 45kg, Auto Lifting, Auto stop if it hits object and remote control.

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        Joe Ang
        Great product and friendly sale person

        Went to the showroom at Balestier and had a great experience. I’ll definitely intro to my friends