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Kyson the #1 spot in smart drying racks, generating buzz for its unbeatable prices and Full Spectrum Technology. With affordability at its core, Kyson's innovation ensures longer-lasting clothes without compromising on quality. Families globally embrace Kyson as the ultimate choice for seamless, efficient, and smart laundry solutions.

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Based on 545 reviews
Kyson - Pro
Jen Sue
Regret purchasing this

Just got the laundry rack installed last week 13 July 2024 but heater does not work. Was told that the temperature is 35C to 40C but it feels like 30C or lesser. The drying time is 6 to 8 hours which i was not expecting it to be that long.
Customer service is also not responsive.
Kinda regretted getting this if I had knew the dryer function is not good.

Kyson - Pro
Mohd Sulaiman Bin Said
Good customer service and good product

Happy with the customer service. They worked fast to resolve my issue. And the product seem good quality.

Kyson Snipe
Fy work

The washing machine here is great! Its energy and water efficient, I saved so much on electricity and water bills after purchasing it. Generally I could wash all types of clothes in it, and washing and steam cleaning is done quickly too. So far, the price and customer service has been excellent, the installation process has been smooth and after sales service is also great!

I recently bought a washing machine from Kyson Balestier and I am very satisfied. It's highly energy-efficient and uses less water, saving on bills and being eco-friendly. The large capacity is a great time-saver, allowing me to wash more clothes in fewer loads. Highly recommend!

Kyson Snipe

The washing machines have high energy star ratings, so it uses less electricity and helps me save on my power bills. The quick wash feature is also a lifesaver when I'm in a hurry! Would recommend.

Kyson Snipe
alethea lim

the washing machine i bought from here is both energy and water efficient! reduces water bills & good for the environment :) excellent customer service as well! would recommend to friends

Kyson Snipe

I recently bought a washing machine to replace my old machine which gave way.

Bought my new washer here with ease! good price, and after sales service was great. My sales agent were able to explain clearly on which type of machine suited my needs.

Loving my new machine now, as it has a high energy star ratings, providing me some savings with its energy efficient build. I also noticed tt is uses less water. This is great for the environment and great for my wallet and i am looking forward to lower water bills!

Kyson Snipe
Raynard Salim

Washing machine has 4 ticks for water efficiency, and for a good price for the number of functions it has in dealing with a variety of fabrics. A brand to consider when looking for washing machine

Kyson Snipe
ONG YIXIN Student 2019

Very satisfied with this brand. Able to save a lot of cost as it has very large capacity, can use for big families. Many different functions like quick washing and steam cleaning, caters to many different fabric types aswell. Also very quiet and low noise unlike my old one that shakes very hard whenever i use.

Was recommended by a friend to get a Kyson Snipe after my old washing machine broke down. Will now be recommending it to my other friends as well. 4 ticks energy saving, water efficient and super good looking. It is really quiet while washing too. One of the best investments I have made. No regrets!

Kyson Snipe
Eileen Ho

Bought this after my washing machine broke down and absolutely NO REGRETS!! This washing machine is very very efficient both energy and water wise! best decision to get this as my water bills have dropped significantly! Also very good for the environment if you're a environmentally conscious person!

Highly recommend as it also has a very large capacity and can wash a lot of clothes at once! previously I had to split my washes into two loads because it couldn't fit but now I can wash everything in just one load!

Noise was also something I struggled with when suing my old washing machine. Compared to my old washing machine, the noise level is almost nonexistent!

wonderful washing machine! i have three comforters at home, it's really nice and saves water when i can put everything in one load :) also not noisy so it doesn't wake up the little one when she finally goes to bed HAHA

Kyson Snipe
Charlotte Ho

Washing machine has a large capacity and can wash a lot of clothes at one time. It is also water and energy efficient which I like a lot as it helps save my water and electricity bills. Will recommend 👍

Kyson Snipe
Enzo Lim

I recently bought this washing machine and I'm very impressed. The large capacity is perfect for handling big loads, making laundry day much easier.

The service was also exceptional. The price was great and the customer service team was friendly and helpful. They ensured a smooth installation.

Highly recommend this washing machine for its capacity and excellent service!

Kyson Snipe
Oh Woon Zong

Washing machine has a large capacity. Able to hold a lot of clothes. Makes doing laundry more effective and less time consuming.
Definitely a good value for this price. Customer service was very patient and knowledgeable. Able to answer any questions and clarify doubts effectively. After sales service was also good and able to help with the operating of the washing machine.

Purchased a washing machine from Kyson, and one of the standout features of this washing machine is its exceptional efficiency. With high energy star ratings, it is incredibly energy efficient, helping to reduce electricity bills significantly. On top of that, the washing machine is be water efficient, which uses less water per cycle, making it an environmentally friendly choice and contributing to lower water bills.

Another standout features of the washing machine will be its large capacity to handle sizeable loads of laundry. With the large drum of the machine, it is perfect for big families with lots of laundry, saving time and energy. Overall happy with the purchase

Kyson Snipe
chlo- e

washing machine has a high level of energy efficiency & good water efficiency which helps me save up on water bills. washing machine has a large capacity and provides many features that allows me to wash different fabric as well as quick wash and steam cleaning with less noise it is affordable and good customer service

Kyson Snipe
Trippy Kel

Washing machine is priced affordably, customer service was warm and friendly. Washing machine has a large storage space, can wash many clothes at once.

The washing machine i bought has large capacity, is helpful as my family has a lot of clothes. Washer is able to cater to many different fabrics and ensures no tears in my clothing. Highly recommended as I’m please with the service

With high energy star ratings, it ensures that energy consumption is minimized, which not only reduces electricity bills but also lessens the environmental impact. the machine also has a really large capacity, , hence utilizing less water per wash cycle.

Great washing machine. product has high energy star ratings, reducing my electricity and water bills. Also, can put a lot of clothes inside as there’s a lot of space, would recommend!

Recently, i had purchased a washing machine from this shop. After using it for a week, i would have to say that it is a good quality one. The washing machine can also accommodate a large number of clothes at once so I can wash my clothes more efficiently. Would recommend!

Kyson Snipe
zoe smith

Needed a washing machine as was recommended this by my friend. After using for a few weeks, I can say that the water and energy efficiency is much better than my previous one. The price was also a bargain for the amazing quality and customer service was excellent. Very satisfied with my experience here!

Kyson Snipe
Jinq Wen Khor

I am very satisfied with my buy. The appliance is incredibly energy efficient, with outstanding Energy Star ratings, and it is also extremely water efficient, which is beneficial to the environment. In addition, the price was quite cheap, and the customer service and after-sales assistance were excellent. I highly recommend it!

Kyson Snipe
kiersten ang

really nice and good service, very affordable price. washing machine can hold alot of clothes inside, very large capacity

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